Decoration Coatings

Powder Coatings are usually seen in solid colour or metallic shades, decorating metal parts (and sometimes wood, glass or plastic).  They provide a tough, anti-corrosive finish that protects and decorates the subject.  

Sometimes you don’t realise there is a coating at all though, because it is disguising the substrate as another material – making metal look like wood, or aluminium look like stainless steel… We call these Decoration Powder Coatings.

There are two established methods for disguising one material as another using powder coating:

  • The Sublimation process
  • The Powder-on-Powder process

There are also newer technologies allowing even greater flexibility in design.  This leaflet explains these technologies in more detail.  The most common use of such technologies today is to make aluminium windows and doors appear like wood, but they are also used to decorate children’s furniture, surfboards, retail signs and more.

 Download our leaflet to learn more and see beautiful examples.