Interpon Align


Interpon Align is a two coat one bake powder coatings system that provides outstanding edge corrosion protection in a cost effective manner.  Comprising of two specially formulated powder coating layers, Interpon Align eliminates the need for a primer curing process, therefore offering the end user considerable savings in energy, operational costs and time.

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 Key Features

  • A powder primer and top coat application process with only one heating stage
  • Primer curing process eliminated through design of powder and application technology
  • Suitable for coating thick, heavy mass metal parts
  • High level of flexibility
  • Can be tailored according to customers pre-treatment, line conditions and performance needs
  • Color primer can be tailored to exact color and performance needs.
  • Class A appearance meets the high demands of global OEM’s
  • Edge coverage, coating uniformity and corrosion resistance is outstanding

Customer Benefits

Production efficiency:

  • Production productivity is greatly increased – higher throughput
  • Universal primer eliminates need for multiple color changes

Energy efficiency:

  • Removing the intermediate baking step (typically 10 minutes at 400oF)

Less footprint:

  • Higher deposition is generated, reducing powder consumption
  • Global offering

Less investment:

  • Reduced capital investment and floor space required for a new application line

Excellent performance:

  • Meets the most demanding OEM specifications for protection and appearance