Interpon Cr

A breakthrough in bright metal coatings.

CHROME-FINISH_5_med-res_tint-for-internet-pageFrom our Powder Innovation Centers comes a revolutionary new coating that utilizes our patent pending bonding technology. Such a fine finish, that you get the look – but not the guilt that chrome brings. Interpon Cr is easier on the pocketbook and easier on the planet. Stop the plating, and start towards a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Interpon Cr is our latest two coat bright metallic interior finish. It utilizes AkzoNobel’s unique Chrome effect powder coating basecoat, paired with specifically designed Interpon powder coatings clear topcoats to give the brightest metallic effect yet.


No polishing, no grinding, no VOCs – the simplicity of Interpon Cr

Interpon Cr is an easily applied powder coating system combining the high reflectance of our metallic effect basecoat with the protection of our specifically designed clear topcoats.

The complete system offers you many benefits in the design and manufacture process as well as in your product aesthetic appearance and coating performance.

  • Highly decorative metallic coating finish
  • Cost competitive alternative to Chrome plating
  • Low environmental impact compared to chrome plating
  • Simplified coating process
  • Excellent corrosion protection – 240h  neutral salt spray on a scribed steel substrate
  • Outstanding stain resistance
  • Excellent hardness

Is Interpon Cr right for you?

Interpon cr is a coating system designed to add a metallic sheen to products which will be used in an interior environment, and is particularly suited to the following markets:

  • IT
  • Lighting
  • Metal Furniture
  • Door Hardware
  • Bathroom Fixtures & Fittings
  • Retail Displays
  • Leisure Equipment
  • Small Appliances

Our Global team of highly experienced technical assistants are also available to help you, or your sub-contractors, to optimize your coating process and get the highest value from Interpon Cr.

The brightness of chrome, the durability of Interpon – Interpon Cr

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