MDF under the Woodcote brand

AkzoNobel leads in the development of powder coatings for MDF

As designer Jérôme Gauthier was convinced about the various capabilities of powder coatings and more specifically by Woodcote, he used it for his design collection Log-In. Log-In is the series of professional work stations made by UNIK and presented at the latest Orgatech event and certified with the VIA label (Center of Innovation in the furniture market).

 Log-In is responding to the current requirements we have for professional work stations including: more usage of open work spaces, mix of private and collective work done at the same station, handicaps, new materials and techniques, the environment and sustainability.

The special aspect of the Log-In work stations is their modular design – the height of the work stations is flexible – giving a large range of combinations and that as stand alone or within combinations still form a universal view. Woodcote has enabled to achieve a homogenous visual view of the work stations by using one single color and finish on all parts of the furniture – MDF panels, structures and metal supports. Ideal for an effect ‘Lost in perception’!

Jérôme Gauthier underlines the competitiveness of the Woodcote concept: “it’s perfect finish – achieved both on the MDF and the metal parts – avoids using multiple layers of liquid paint to hide any imperfections on the surface or other techniques to hide the imperfections where surfaces and parts come together.

Without solvents, without TGIC, without lead, and without VOC emissions, the Woodcote coatings are experienced as very stable and durable coatings and do not change under influence of humidity nor UV light.

According to Jérôme Gauthier “Woodcote offers a fantastic resistance against impacts (surface impacts for example), in contrary to surfaces that are glued or coated with liquid paint which tend to be very fragile. This is a very important aspect for work stations that have frequent scratching movements on the surface – Woodcote conserves its color despite scratching movements, or aging, therefore assuring the duration of the product.