High Heat Powder Coatings


Series Temperature  Finish  Colors Main technical properties  Typical End-Uses
InterponHT 350  200 – 350°C (392-662oF) depending of the products  Smooth Satin Matt Gloss stability / yellowing resistance after heat exposure   Boilers, stoves, fireplaces and BBQs surrounds  
 Fine Texture Metallics
InterponHT 450  300 – 450°C (572-842oF) depending of the products  Fine texture BlacksChrome



Good outdoor resistance Exhaust pipes Chimney Flues, Stoves BBQs
InterponHT 550  400 – 550°C (752-1022oF) depending of the products  Fine texture BlacksDark Grays


Corrosion protection before and after heat exposureGood outdoor resistance Mufflers, Chimney Flues, body and inside parts of stove

Correct product choice is critical. Our technical sales personnel, in association with our technical teams, will provide leading advice and assistance.

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