We care about the environment. And we don’t want our products to harm the planet. But we also won’t compromise on quality. Which is why Interpon D powders have been developed in an environmentally sustainable way. They meet all the major architectural quality standards (including AAMA, and for certain series Qualicoat and GSB).

Interpon D powders are available in an extensive range of appearances which span durable to hyper durable finishes. They enhance the beauty and longevity of the world’s building, whatever the location and climate.

Our customers – from architects to applicators – demand quality.  Our Interpon D1000 series, Interpon D2000 ultradurable series and Interpon D3000 super durable series meet the same exact standards wherever they are produced globally.  Our Interpon D powder coatings are tailored for specific localized requirements and applied by a global network of high quality Interpon D Approved Applicators.

Our powders can also help make one surface look like another, for example making metal look like wood, or a coated surface look like anodizing.  Check out our section on Decoration Coatings for further information.

This excellent performance is supported by strong guarantees and a proven track record of examples featuring many of the world’s most famous buildings. These include Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and the Wimbledon Tennis stadium in London, UK.

The following 14 powder coatings serie(s) is/are suitable for Architecture

Interpon D2000

These coatings are specially designed for the architectural and construction industry, and have been proven over a 20 year lifespan. They are mainly used on aluminium and galvanised steel, but can be used anywhere that attractive, durable colors are required.