General IndustrialGeneral Industrial, one of our largest market, comprises an eclectic mix of applications from electrical transformers to perfume bottles. The diverse nature of this market requires us to tailor our products and services accordingly so that each customer is satisfied with the final coating solution.

Even the best coatings can fail if they are not applied correctly. We have a highly experienced global team of technical experts who can provide assistance in all aspects of powder coating application and process optimization. Our team is passionate and dedicated. They want to make your coating process run as smoothly as possible. We have a varied range of technical service packages which team members can discuss with you including our unique optiMESURE and online Coating Control systems.

Here are the main sub sectors within General Industry


Customers in this area manufacture products such as Transformers, Electrical Enclosures as well as products designed for use in the renewable energy market on solar PV, solar thermal and wind power systems.


We offer a range of powder coatings for the Interior Lighting market to coat objects such as office lighting, batons and boxes, design lighting applications, lamps and domestic lighting. For the Exterior Lighting market we have a selection of aesthetic and functional products designed for use on the externals and internal components of street and stadium lighting.

Medical and Healthcare

We have a range of products for use on beds, wheelchairs and equipment used in the healthcare industry.


Our products for the packaging market are designed for a variety of different substrates and coating requirements. These include steel products such as gas cylinders, Fire Extinguishers and chemical drums and glass and ceramic products such as perfume, beverage and medicine bottles.

Public Transportation

Coatings designed for internal components on Tramways, Metros, High speed, Intercity and local train systems. We offer you the service of a range of special effect, standard and coloured products combined with the added performance of graffiti resistance.


We have a range of high performance products which are designed to meet the exacting requirements for the retail sector. Be it special effects, colours or wood effects we have products for shelving, display, point of sales and checkouts which can help you design your retail space.


Powder coatings for lawn and garden equipment, tools, signage, exhibition equipment and coatings for door handles and locks. 


The following 18 powder coatings serie(s) is/are suitable for General Industrial

Interpon HT 550A

Interpon HT is a range of powder coatings developed for applications that require heat resistance properties ranging from 200ºC (392ºF) to the extreme high heat temperatures of 550ºC (1022ºF). Interpon HT is competitive with many established liquid coating technologies in even the most demanding of applications where heat resistance is required