Haworth Office Furniture (Compose Line)

When you want a sense of design integrity, clear attention to details, and a flexible work environment, you want Compose. It’s designed with the environment in mind; it is nearly 70% recyclable, it’s GREENGUARD® certified, and it helps reduce waste while adapting to change. This product is sprayed with Interpon F Plaster Sand Texture Coating and our Interpon  F Gunmetal Extruded Coating. The first is a low gloss superior office furniture white product, developed for the Haworth Furniture Line to create the perfect feel for the Compose line. The Gunmetal is an extruded aluminum metallic coating developed for superior mar and scratch resistance for the office environment.

Items Coated

Complete office system – e.g. partitions, desk, storage etc

The following 1 Powder Coating series is/are suitable for Furniture