Black motorbike body and wheels coated in powder coatings

Sustainability, durability and style of Interpon A3000

New Interpon A3000 powder coating range helps motorbike OEMs combine sustainability, durability and style

AkzoNobel has launched Interpon A3000, a range of powder coatings dedicated to protecting and enhancing the body parts, wheels and trim of any two-wheel vehicle in line with the performance levels specified, tested and approved by the OEMs. It is ideally suited to customers seeking to realize greater cost efficiencies and enhanced sustainability without sacrificing the performance or aesthetic quality they demand.

One of the key benefits of the new range is its sustainability. It includes powder coatings that deliver excellent performance in just a single layer, therefore reducing costs and consuming less energy in the application process to support an organization’s sustainability ambitions. A low energy version is also available, enabling the powder to cure at a lower temperature and further reduce the energy consumed.

To satisfy the aesthetic demands of OEM designers, the range is available in a dazzling array of fabulous colors and sparkling, metallic effects to satisfy the trend for more ‘naked’ design styles where the engine and other parts of the motorbike (body frame, fuel tank, brake levers, cylinder heads, etc) are visible. Importantly, colors can be matched directly to the bespoke palettes of any OEM.

The durability of the powder coating is also a key benefit, helping prevent corrosion from the weather and interference from fuel, oil and other chemicals to keep the vehicles looking better for longer. They also protect against damage caused by excess heat, as well as having high resistance to chipping from stones and pebbles.

Gustavo Carvalho, Automotive Key Account and Segment Director at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, says Interpon has a proven portfolio of products for the sector: “The new range gives motorcycle manufacturers and their suppliers the perfect combination of sustainability, durability and style for their modern designs,” he explains.

“With a single layer system, we can also help reduce our customers’ costs, since application times are much shorter, and this contributes to reduce their carbon footprint. The powder coating provides an excellent flow-finish and delivers high aesthetic appeal and clarity, supporting the quality that OEMs demand to further enhance their brand.”

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