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RTS architectural powder coatings in North America

AkzoNobel launches new range of Ready-To-Ship powder coatings to support architectural needs in North America.

AkzoNobel has launched its Interpon architectural range of Ready-to-Ship (RTS) powder coatings to customers in North America, satisfying the needs of agile businesses with urgent projects where quality, beautiful aesthetics and speed of delivery are essential. 

Available in 29 of the most popular RAL colors that are backed by decades of research, the RTS range comprises Interpon D1010 which is ideally suited to a broad range of interior and exterior applications.

Crucially, the RTS range can be shipped within five working days, and because customers need only order a single box, they never have to order more than they need, helping to reduce waste, enhance environmental performance, and enjoy a more efficient and cost-effective operation by not having to store obsolete stock.

Easy to apply, Interpon D1010 delivers exceptional color retention, film integrity and durability, all consolidated in a 10-year global warranty on coating performance when applied by an Interpon D approved applicator. It is proven to prevent corrosion and resist a number of challenging environmental conditions.

The durability of the RTS range supports its sustainability credentials, helping to minimize wasteful touch ups and re-sprays. The range is TGIC-free and free of VOCs. It is also backed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), where the raw materials, manufacture and transportation associated with creating Interpon D have been assessed by an independent third-party for transparent sustainability credentials.

"We recognize that the key needs of our coatings customers revolve around quality, speed, and service,” says Alan Alex, Regional Commercial Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings – North America. 

We are pleased to present an extensive product range demonstrating our dedication to providing choices catering to diverse preferences that meet and exceed essential requirements – right at your fingertips.

Alan says that AkzoNobel understands the urgency of today's competitive market: “This is why our Architectural RTS range is delivered swiftly to your doorstep to ensure that your business remains agile and well-equipped to compete effectively. We take pride in being your best partner in this endeavor by leading the way in delivering the quality, speed, and service your business needs and demands."

Interpon D1010 meets the performance requirements of both AMAA 2603 and Qualicoat Class 1. Find out more about the range here.

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