Torre Caleido

Torre Caleido stands like a black obelisk in the vibrant urban landscape of Madrid’s financial district. Taller than its four skyscraping sisters, it is 181 meters high, has 36 storeys, and, like the obelisks of ancient Egypt, appears to be created from a single stone. The color consistency needed to achieve such visual harmony was why the architects chose hyperdurable Interpon D3020 powder coatings. Construction materials as diverse as curtain walls, interior, and exterior carpentry, stairs, and handrails were color matched as perfectly as Dali, Picasso, and Goya would have demanded. The Torre Caleido now stands as a temple to the rich artistic heritage and modernity of Spain, thoroughly deserving of its gold class LEED environmental award.


Product Series                       
Interpon D3000

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