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Acrylic Technology

Understanding acrylic technology in powder coatings

Acrylic, a groundbreaking addition to the world of powder coatings, is renowned for its unrivaled UV durability and outstanding flow and scratch resistance. At Interpon, we've seamlessly incorporated Acrylic technology into our product lineup, transcending the limitations of traditional powder coatings. This innovation allows our powder coatings to display exceptional surface properties, including super smooth appearance and high gloss, making them ideal for achieving a truly Class A appearance. 


Advantages of acrylic in powder coatings


Acrylic powder coatings offer a wealth of significant benefits that make them the preferred choice for a variety of applications. Here are the key advantages: 

  • UV Durability: Acrylic coatings display superior resistance to UV radiation, preserving their aesthetics and performance despite persistent exposure to sunlight. 
  • Scratch Resistance: With an enhanced resistance compared to conventional coatings, Acrylic coatings offer top-tier protection against scratches, ensuring the coated surface's longevity. 
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Beyond their functional benefits, Acrylic coatings provide a super smooth finish and luxurious high gloss, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the coated item. 
  • Application Consistency: Unlike many other coatings, Acrylic technology ensures consistent application, resulting in a uniform surface protection.


Related products


Discover our array of products that leverage the power of Acrylic technology: 


  • Interpon A2200: High gloss black powder coating specifically designed for exterior trim parts. It boasts a super smooth appearance and enhanced UV durability. Ideal for those seeking a truly Class A appearance. 
  • Interpon A4740: The OEM standard in the aluminum wheel market, combining Class A elegance and OEM specified durability in a super smooth finish with crystal clear transparency. A first choice for wheel makers worldwide. 


At Interpon, we've mastered the art and science of powder coatings. Our expertise, high-grade products, and dedication to quality equip us to guide you through the domain of powder coatings. With us, you'll find solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. Experience the Interpon difference today.

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