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Polyester Technology

Understanding polyester technology in powder coatings

At the core of powder coatings, polyester technology is a vital element. Essentially, polyester in powder coatings refers to a class of resins known for their superior resistance to UV radiation, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish, making them suitable for prolonged exposure to sunlight. They also perform impressively in indoor environments. 

Polyesters can be cured thanks to different crosslinkers depending of the regions and the needed properties:

  • TGIC Polyesters 
  • TGIC-free Polyesters 
  • Radiation cured Polyesters (peroxide or UV curing) 


Let's explore further this technology, its application, and the unique benefits it contributes to our product range. 


Advantages of polyester technology


Polyester technology in powder coatings offers several compelling advantages, making it a preferred choice for a variety of applications: 

  • Weather Resistance: It's exceptionally resistant to weather conditions thanks to its resistance to UV radiation, making it ideal for outdoor use and ensuring the color and finish remains consistent over the years.  A wide range of exterior durability levels can be achieved with polyester powder coatings. 
  • Versatile Application: It can be efficiently applied to both steel and aluminium substrates and offers extended possibilities of colors and finishes


Related products


Explore our range of products that utilize this advanced polyester technology. Each offers its unique benefits, from superior corrosion protection to excellent outdoor weatherability and more:

  • Interpon 300 series: A polyester resin-based powder coating designed specifically for interior applications like metal furniture and light fittings.  
  • Interpon 600 series: Suitable for exterior use, offering good light and weather resistance in a single coat finish.  
  • Interpon 610 Low-E: A TGIC-free polyester energy-efficient option offering similar exterior performance as Interpon 610 but with a lower curing temperature.
  • Interpon 800 series: High durability polyester powder coatings, designed for exterior exposure. Tested against the most severe specifications, Interpon 800 series give significantly improved gloss retention and resistance to colour change. 
  • Interpon D1000 series: Specifically designed for architectural applications. Interpon D1000 series give excellent exterior durability and colour retention and meet the requirements of the major architectural finishing standards such as Qualicoat Class 1, GSB Standard or AAMA 2603. 
  • Interpon D2000 series: Ultra-durable coating specifically designed for architectural applications, providing unprecedented levels of weather resistance. It offers significantly higher gloss retention and resistance to colour change combined with maximum film integrity to ensure long term cosmetic and functional protection. Interpon D2000 series meet the requirements of the major architectural finishing standards such as Qualicoat Class 2, GSB Master or AAMA 2604. 
  • Interpon Redox OneCoat: A polyester based powder coatings that provides corrosion protection up to C4 Medium with only one layer while exhibiting excellent outdoor durability.
  • Interpon W300/W3000W3500: A TGIC polyester low bake powder dedicated for heat sensitive substrates such as Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or other composite materials. 
  • Interpon W400/W4000 series: A radical cure low bake powder coatings based on polyester peroxide, dedicated for heat-sensitive substrates like wood and suitable for high speed low-temperature curing. 
  • Interpon W6000/W700/W7000 series: A UV cure low bake powder coatings, dedicated for heat-sensitive substrates like wood and suitable for high speed low-temperature curing. 
  • Interpon ACE 1000 series: Polyester based ranges specifically developed for the Agriculture and Construction Equipment parts, offering outstanding over bake resistance and excellent mechanical properties with good outdoor resistance.
  • Interpon ACE 2000 series: Polyester based ranges, offering outstanding outdoor resistance while meeting the most severe specifications of Agriculture and Construction Equipment market. 


With Interpon's Polyester Powder Coating Technology, you're not just choosing a product. You're opting for a solution engineered with performance, efficiency, and durability in mind. Get to know the diverse range of solutions we provide.

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