Interpon AM - Powder Coatings with BioCote® Technology

Interpon AM is a product range which can be adapted for use in a wide range of applications. It meets all the protective and decorative characteristics expected of a high performance powder coating, but also has antimicrobial properties. It is designed to be used in areas where there is an obvious need to maintain a low level of microbes eg medical, food and catering. However, it is also effective in areas where there is high human traffic, eg locker/changing rooms, public transport, airports, schools.

  • Medical/Dental
  • Food and Catering
  • Self Service Technologies
  • Computing/Telecommunications
  • Locker Rooms/Toilets
  • Public Transport


AkzoNobel and BioCote® working together

In order to provide our customers with the best possible coating, we have teamed up with BioCote® to ensure that our Interpon AM product performs to the very highest antimicrobial standards and complies with biocidal legislation around the world.

When you buy Interpon AM powder coatings you can also benefit from a personal antimicrobial support service by contacting our partner BioCote®.

Microbes in our environment

Modern day living presents ideal environments for a wide variety of microbes to successfully establish colonies and grow on almost every surface we touch, eg furniture, equipment, stationery, clothing and work surfaces can all be affected by microbial growth. The growth of microbes such as bacteria and mold can affect the functioning of a product, leading to degradation, odors, stains and spoilage.

Cleaning will help prevent microbial growth on products, however, between cleaning cycles microbes will multiply on surfaces. Biocote® antimicrobial protection works in between cleans to offer products a further defence against microbial growth.

Quality controlled antimicrobial technology

When you use Interpon AM you can rest assured that the coating will:

  • Provide the required decorative effect together with the chemical, physical and performance characteristics expected from Interpon powder coatings.
  • Provide an additional level of protection against microbial growth on the coatings surface.
  • Be easier to keep hygienically clean.
  • Help prevent odors, stains, and material deterioration.
  • Be regularly validated and independently quality control tested to ISO 22196:2011.
  • Continue to provide protection for the expected life of the product (the BioCote® technology will not wear off, wash out or leach from the coating).
  • Provide 24 hour protection, 7 days a week. You can also be confident in the fact that BioCote® products have been shown in real life situations to have similar efficacy levels as they have in a lab environment.
Supporting Documents

Interpon AM Brochure  

Interpon AM 610 TDS
Interpon AM 700 TDS