Powder coated furniture

Powder Coatings for Furniture & Lighting

What is powder-coated furniture? 

The benefits of powder coating furniture  


Interpon powder coatings are renowned for their stunning color and proven durability. It’s why they satisfy the needs of OEMs, designers and coaters of indoor and outdoor furniture and lighting who need to follow the latest trends but must also have the reliability and certainty that their products will perform in any environment.  

With hundreds of colors, textures and finishes to choose from, Interpon has the range to satisfy the most creative of creative thinkers, and with levels of durability and UV protection that keep furniture looking better for longer.   

They have powder coatings that can mimic metal and other finishes for decorative items in the office or in the home. They have products that can protect outdoor furniture such as patio tables and chairs and stylish outdoor lights from corrosion and general wear and tear for upwards of 20 years. They also have products that can coat wood and other heath sensitive substrates, to help take creativity to another level.  

And they are sustainable, being free of Volatile Organic Compounds, and capable of delivering a longer-lasting performance


Innovative powder coating designs 


Indoor furniture & lighting  


Whether for domestic, offices, schools, hospitals, interior lighting or display purposes, the appearance of the finish is key to success. Our product range provides an extensive selection of colors including metallics and special effect finishes such as chrome to significantly enhance the product design. In addition, our products offer excellent resistance to scratching and marring. 

Our innovations include: 

  • Interpon 700 - an epoxy polyester topcoat providing excellent scratch and mar resistance for indoor furniture.  
  • Interpon Cr - to bring the style and brilliance of chrome plating but without any of the negative environmental issues or costs. A sustainable and effective alternative to chrome plating. 
  • Interpon W - a low-cure powder coating for heat-sensitive substrates such as MDF,or wood. Offers durable, seamless finishes without harmful emissions.


Outdoor furniture and lighting 


Whether for street furniture or park benches, playground equipment or exterior lights, protecting outdoor furniture and lighting against corrosion and marring caused by the elements and general wear and tear is key. Our powder coatings have been especially designed to look good and perform in some of the most challenging environments, whether it’s in a sports stadium, a city center, or at a seaside resort. Excellent UV and scratch resistance properties and color stability are supported by the freedom to design custom-made products and the wide availability of colors and finishes from stock.  

  • Interpon F – delivers excellent outdoor durability performance in combination with different levels of five- and ten-year warranties and available TGIC or TGIC Free. (available in Asia) 
  • Interpon 800 – provides a super durable performance to protect exterior products, keeping them fully functional well into the future. Excellent corrosion resistance in moderate to severe environmental conditions means that the color and gloss of your products are always retained.  
  • Interpon 600 – designed for exterior exposure with light and weather resistance from just one application. The coatings sustain a longer lifespan and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes which allow your product to shine.   
  • Interpon Redox – not one product but rather a system, with characteristics that address variables from substrate to corrosivity, making it much easier for customers to pick the perfect anti-corrosion coating system to suit their needs.   
  • Interpon EC Easy Clean – with excellent anti-graffiti properties that ensures the easy and repeated cleaning of outdoor furniture and external equipment without impacting the integrity of the coating.   


Powder specialties


Innovation never stops, and Interpon has a ceaseless desire to create specialist powder coatings that address a customer’s particular concerns or meet a very specific need.  

  • Interpon AM – an anti-microbial technology that can reduce microbial growth, such as bacteria and mold by up to 99.9% on Interpon AM coated surfaces.   
  • Interpon D STF – enables designers to make powder coated aluminum look like wood or other substrates, and help designers overcome the design constraints that ‘real’ wood presents in terms of its weight and consistency of finish.


Color options for powder coating furniture


Color is an integral part of everyday living. It can brighten our mood and heighten our senses. It can help products blend into their background when needed or make themselves highly visible and stand-out when preferred.  Our Interpon furniture powder coatings enable product designers to take inspiration from a stunning collection of colors and finishes. With 25 years of world-leading trend analysis and color expertise, our Global Aesthetic Center in Amsterdam has been a hub for supporting color trend research for our furniture customers globally. Our creative team conducts continuous research, collaborates with international design experts for social and cultural insights, and provides tailored information and inspiration for your market. Our Futura collection for 2022–2025.is just one example of how our scientific approach created a top tier color collection that helps our customer’s designs to always be on trend and stand out from the crowd.  


Discover how Interpon powder coatings can help your business 


The Interpon Furniture and Lighting offer is ideally suited to enhancing and protecting a range of different furniture and lighting products and decorative items in the office and in the home, shown in the huge range of colors, finishes and special effects available. It includes finishes that sand or fine textured, and those in traditional gloss, satin or ultra matt, all to reflect contemporary design, style and thinking.   

Find out how to bring even more quality, style and performance into your thinking.

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