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When performance counts, Resicoat delivers the ultimate in pipeline protection. We help keep the energy and water pipelines of the world running smoothly with our Resicoat single, dual and three-layer solutions for the ultimate protection and performance. 

Whether your pipelines are being used to transport water, oil, natural gas or petrochemicals, you know there is no margin for error. Using a combination of cathodic protection and protective coatings to avoid environmental damage and reduce ongoing maintenance costs, our Resicoat PI range provides the ultimate levels of corrosion protection, to ensure a safe and efficient performance during the Engineered Design Life (EDL) of your project.

Products in this range

For outstanding resistance to chemicals, the elements and anything life can throw at it, choose Resicoat’s three-layer R-726A range for the ultimate protection and performance of external pipes. 

For standard, small and large diameter pipes, the R-726A series has the solution you need for any size of project. With good resistance to impact and chemicals, as well as perfect adhesion and outstanding resistance to cathodic disbondment, our three-layer system provides external pipes with the ultimate protection for optimum performance. A single layer coating system is also available within the series.

Realize significant efficiency and sustainability gains, as well as a longer-lasting performance with Resicoat R-726LAT. 

Thanks to a preheating temperature of just 160°C, Resicoat’s R-726LAT series enables you to save energy and supports a more sustainable agenda. And with a 40% reduction in time to heat, this innovative range of powder coatings enables you to coat pipelines in a faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective manner.

Where a high glass transition temperature is required, Resicoat R-556 delivers.  Resicoat R-556 powder coatings provide a higher glass transition temperature (Tg2) up to 150°C. Suitable for single layer or as a primer for three-layer polypropylene (PP) systems, the range delivers high corrosion and impact resistance as well as excellent adhesion and chemical performance, including at temperatures as low as -60°C.

The Resicoat PI range provides pipelines with comprehensive resistance against all substances that flow through them. 

From H2S to CO2, salt water to petroleum distillates, internal pipeworks must manage high temperature and pressure from the substances that flow through them. Resicoat PI provides excellent abrasion, chemical and solvent resistance, as well as high levels of durability, delivering the toughness pipelines need to continue flowing smoothly.

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