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Polyurethane Technology

Understanding polyurethane technology in powder coatings 

Polyurethane, a powerful addition to the world of powder coatings, is recognized for its superior chemical resistance performance and versatility. At Interpon, we've integrated Polyurethane technology into our products, surpassing the limitations of traditional polyester and epoxy. This breakthrough enables our powder coatings to exhibit exceptional chemical properties, including unparalleled resistance to weathering effects and UV radiation. Polyurethane coatings offer higher gloss levels and color options, serving as an ideal decorative coating choice. Coupled with its anti-graffiti qualities, this technology is redefining the durability and aesthetics of outdoor applications. 


Advantages of polyurethane in powder coatings


Polyurethane powder coatings bring a host of remarkable benefits that make them an excellent choice for a variety of applications, especially outdoors. Here are the key advantages: 

  • UV Resistance: Polyurethane coatings demonstrate exceptional resistance to UV radiation, maintaining their aesthetics and performance despite constant exposure to sunlight. 
  • Chemical Resistance: With a higher resistance compared to polyester, Polyurethane coatings provide superior protection against a wide array of chemicals, ensuring the coated surface's durability. 
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: Beyond their functional benefits, Polyurethane coatings offer a wide range of gloss levels and colors. They deliver a vibrant, high-gloss finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the coated item, particularly in anti-graffiti applications. 
  • Outdoor Durability: Unlike many other coatings, Polyurethane technology is perfect for outdoor applications due to its resilience against weathering effects and enhanced UV resistance.


Related products


Explore our range of products harnessing the power of Polyurethane technology: 

  • Interpon 200: Polyurethane-based powder coatings designed for the exterior environment offering excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility properties. Exceptionally smooth flow and high gloss make Interpon 200 powders ideal for applications where a high level of aesthetic finish is required. 
  • Interpon EC: Delve into the resilience of Interpon EC. It's equipped with Polyurethane technology and offers unparalleled durability and anti-graffiti performance, particularly at high gloss levels. 


At Interpon, we’ve refined the art and science of powder coatings. Our expertise, high-grade products, and commitment to quality equip us to guide you through the realm of powder coatings. With us, you'll find solutions that merge functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. Discover the Interpon difference today.

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