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Interpon HT powder coatings are heat resistant coatings. Competitive with many established liquid coatings for even the most demanding applications where heat resistance is required, Interpon HT can cope very well with temperatures from 200ºC up to 550ºC.

Typical coatings benefits include resistance to delamination, resistance to cracking, excellent corrosion resistance, and higher scratch resistance compared to liquid coatings.

Typical Applications for
Heat Resistant Coatings:

    • Hearth products, wood and pellet burning stoves, fireplace inserts
    • Exhaust systems (i.e. stove exhaust pipes and manifolds)
    • Barbecues
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Mufflers for generators, motorcycles & tractors


Products Temperature range
Main technical properties
Interpon HT 350 250 - 350ºC depending on the product Gloss stability/yellowing resistance after heat exposure
Interpon HT 450 350 - 450ºC depending on the product Good outdoor resistance
Interpon HT 550 450 - 550ºC depending on the product Corrosion protection before and after heat exposure; Good outdoor resistance