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Powder coatings which offer a metallic effect or finish have been increasingly popular as a way to enhance the appearance of finished metal parts.

Available in a variety of technologies and special effects, metallic effect powder coatings on offer range from the captivating chrome-effect to the rugged elegance of coarse texture metallics.

Metallic effect powder coatings offer high reflectance and outstanding decorative properties, while also being an environmentally responsible coating choice.

One of the main attractions of metallic effect coatings is variation in color effect under changing light conditions. This is thanks to metallic or mica pigments in the coating. The quantity and type of these pigments can produce different effects.

Typical applications for Metallic effect coatings:

    • Architectural components (windows, cladding)
    • Furniture
    • Home and garden fixtures or accessories
    • Lighting appliances