Interpon D Stone Effect Series - All the Beauty of Stone

Stone is a key feature of architectural design. It stands for combining stunning aesthetics with a promise of long-lasting architectural legacy. Now Interpon can deliver the sought-after stone look with our new Interpon D Powder Coatings range – for a hassle-free construction, and virtually maintenance free, exquisite stone looks.

As part of the current trend for natural looking structures, architects are looking for smooth and stunning stone exteriors to give their buildings a unique look. The Interpon D Stone Effect series delivers – with a number of benefits compared to natural stone.
While traditional core materials such as glass reinforced concrete (GRC), pre-cast concrete and natural stone are heavy, expensive and difficult to install and can deteriorate due to the weather and environment, Interpon D Stone effect has all the advantages of a to rate Powder Coatings, whilst creating the stunning stone look. It is all but immune to weathering, durable, it saves money on costly materials and installation of real stone. And it also promotes more sustainable construction, as there’s no need to quarry huge chunks of rock from the landscape anymore.

In a nutshell: it’s lighter, quicker, cheaper, easier to install and better for the environment. And it gives architects more design flexibility to ensure any building stands out.

·        Highly weather-resistant polyester powder coatings
·        Significantly reduces weight /m2
·        Cost effective
·        Easier to install and replace
·        Superdurable
·        Environmentally friendly
All the beauty of natural structures, all the benefits of Interpon!

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