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Powder for Heat Sensitive Substrates

Powder Solutions Without Limits for Heat Sensitive Substrates

Interpon W is our specialized range of powder coatings designed specifically for heat-sensitive substrates, such as furniture, kitchen and bathroom products, or building and construction materials. With Interpon W, you are empowered to imagine, design, and transform these challenging materials in ways that were previously unimaginable for a powder coating. We are removing limits on what you can create—offering an expansive selection of coatings that unlocks new possibilities for the materials you can enhance. Choose Interpon W, and let your designs take center stage, without limits.


  Interpon W Core Interpon W Flex Pro Interpon W Fast Interpon W FastPro
MDF incl veneered and honeycomb MDF
Natural Wood (e.g. Beech wood)    
Mineral based (e.g. Plaster Board)    
Heat sensitive metal doors      
Plastic components    


  • Thermoset/Low Bake


An effective choice for those seeking to maximize quality while optimizing resource use. Our Thermoset/Low Bake solutions, available in a vast array of finishes, equip indoor and outdoor products—from bathrooms and kitchens to outdoor furniture—with superior chemical, scratch, liquid, and heat resistance, all while boasting quick process times.   


  • UV: Ultraviolet Curing


The go-to process for optimal efficiency and minimal curing times. Our UV systems merge a low-temperature curing range (80°C-120°C) with incredibly short curing times (2-5 minutes). Ideal for a broad spectrum of interior applications, including feature walls, office fit-outs, furniture, and retail point of sale, this technology delivers excellent chemical, , moisture, and scratch resistance, with an extensive array of finishes available.   


  • Tech Support


We understand that venturing into novel technologies can be uncertain. Our dedicated teams are by your side, aiding you in making a Safe and Easy choice for your business. Our Safe and Easy program is designed to amplify the advantages of powder coating heat-sensitive substrates while minimizing process risks. We guide your selection of the right technology, clarifying investments and potential gains. From staff training to post-implementation support, we guarantee a smooth integration into your current factory processes, all facilitated by our local sales and technical teams who provide tailored solutions for your business needs. 

  Interpon W Core W100 Interpon W Flex Pro W400 Interpon W Fast W700
Curing Temp 120 - 135°C (248 – 275°F) 120-130°C (248 – 266°F) 80-120°C (176 – 248°F)
Curing Time 5-8 mins 3-5 mins 2-5 mins
Curing method Thermoset Thermoset UV
Sandability Average Good Excellent
Sanding method suitability Manual / Automated Manual / Automated Manual / Automated
Topcoat suitability Powder Powder & Liquid Powder & Liquid
3S suitability Yes Yes Yes
Edge priming Yes Yes No

Perfect application in action: Interpon W

Experience how Interpon W is expertly applied to heat-sensitive substrates, combining efficiency with exceptional results. Witness the process on a UV line for MDF coating application that sets Interpon W apart.

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Connect with our expert team for personalized guidance on Interpon W products. We’re here to help with technical insights and integration support. Contact us today for expert assistance. 

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