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Interpon 700

Reliable powder coating for interior applications

When you need a high-quality coating for interior applications, Interpon 700 is your go-to option. This solvent-free Epoxy-Polyester (hybrid) system not only provides robust corrosion protection but also offers increased chemical resistance and enhanced scratch and mar resistance compared to standard polyester products. Built to withstand the tests of real-world use, Interpon 700 is designed to be more resistant to yellowing from overbake or UV light. Ideal for domestic appliances, office furniture, shelving & racking, and more, this coating doesn't just meet industry standards—it sets them. Choose Interpon 700 for a durable and sustainable powder coating solution that performs.


Key features of Interpon 700


  • Suitable for a multitude of application areas: Can be used on domestic appliances, shelving & racking, indoor lighting, and furniture. 
  • Varied finishes: Available in different finishes and gloss levels, meeting global color standards like RAL, BS, Pantone, and NCS. 
  • Easy to apply: Designed for easy application on metal and other conductive surfaces, without waste. 
  • Lower temperature curing option: Reduces curing temperature by 20 degrees Celsius compared to standard Interpon 700, offering sustainability and flexibility for different project requirements.
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