Interpon ReFlex – Energy saving powder coating from AkzoNobel

Interpon ReFlex, is a range of powder coatings designed specifically for reflective surfaces.

It is distilled from many years of expertise in formulating coatings for the lighting industry. It is combined with the science of reflective properties of materials.

Light reflectance values

The Light Reflectance Values (LRV) of materials are described and categorized in the standard “DIN EN 16268 – Performance of reflecting surfaces for luminaires”. Interpon ReFlex products fall into the classifications A+, A and B.

The Light Reflectance Value of a material is the maximum amount of light which can be reflected by the coating when full opacity is achieved, and it is a property of the reflecting surface material. The higher the LRV the better the material will be as a reflector.

Din EN 16268 performance categories
Class LRV (%)

A+ 97.0 – 100.0
A 93.0 – 96.9
B 88.0 – 92.9
C 82.0 – 87.9
D 76.0 – 81.9

Light reflectance values

When light impinges on a coating surface it can be reflected, absorbed or transmitted. Coatings for luminaires must be designed to maximize the amount of light reflected as any light absorbed or transmitted will reduce the LRV. There are 2 types of reflection which can occur:

Specular reflection which is what you see when you look at very shiny materials

Diffuse reflection which is what you see when you look at a rough surface
Traditionally a reflector in a light fitting, would be expected to have a mirror like finish. However, since both specular and diffuse reflectance contribute to the LRV figure this means that a “rough” coating, which does not have a shiny surface can still have a high LRV value.

Luminaire design

Designers of luminaires can use the properties of specular and diffuse reflectance when designing their light source depending on it desired application. For example, a spotlight where directional light is needed may have better performance when a reflector with a high level of specular reflectance is used. Whereas a luminaire for use in an office or workspace where lower levels of glare are desired may benefit from higher levels of diffuse reflectance.

The formulations of products in the Interpon ReFlex range have been optimized. Utilizing the correct raw materials, we ensure that they have the highest possible reflectivity and hence the highest possible LRV. Also, AkzoNobel’s particle management technology has been utilized to ensure that the coatings have the most even laydown possible. This approach ensures full opacity and therefore maximum reflectance is achieved across the whole visible spectrum.

Different formulating techniques have also been used to achieve products with different specular and diffuse reflectance levels. This ensures Interpon ReFlex, has a coating suitable to meet the demands of any end use for your luminaire.

Supporting Documents

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