Window frames coated on a building

Interpon D X-Pro Range

Proven protection against scratches and blemishes

Designed with job coaters and fabricators in mind, the Interpon D X-Pro is the latest generation coating system offering a market leading scratch resistant solution, that never compromises on style, color or finish. The Interpon D X-Pro is available from our RTS collection in the standard durable D1036 range and in the superdurable D2525 range. From factory floor to final delivery on site, the powder coating helps protect products in transit or that are regularly moved and stacked, preventing damage and minimizing repairs. Crucially the Interpon D X-Pro also ensures the surfaces of window frames, doors and similar architectural products are guarded against the wear and tear of everyday life with the ultimate protection from scratches and blemishes, whilst ensuring their colors, and your reputation, do not fade.


Leading benefits


  • Improved scratch resistance and gloss retention - Verified by the Martindale test, a global standard in scratch resistance (according to CEN-TS 16611), X-Pro is formulated to deliver excellent gloss retention to keep your assets looking better for longer. 
  • Wide variety - The range offers more than 150 beautiful satin and matt finishes in standard or superdurable quality, to ensure your assets stand out from the crowd. Available from our RTS collection in the standard durable D1036 range and in the superdurable D2525 range. 
  • Sustainable option - Choosing an Interpon powder coating means that it's free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and you can use any overspray, making it kinder to the environment. 


Available in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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