Chrome plating surface

Interpon Cr

Your chrome alternative in powder coatings

When you desire the polished, reflective quality of chrome, Interpon Cr is your answer. Our advanced powder coatings are formulated to mimic the look and feel of traditional chrome plating. This product range offers a groundbreaking solution for projects that call for that sophisticated, classic chrome appearance, combined with the durability and environmental benefits of powder coatings. With Interpon Cr, your surfaces are not only stunning—they’re made to last. 


Key features of Interpon Cr


  • The beauty of chrome with a powder coating: Designed to replicate the high-shine and reflective qualities of chrome plating
  • The more sustainable alternative to chrome plating: No use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and produces no harmful waste
  • Optimized application process: Seamless and efficient two-step application, reducing operational time
  • Enhanced durability: Robust resistance to environmental stresses for lasting brilliance
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