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Interpon HT Range

Excellence in heat resistant powder coatings

Provide the ultimate protection to assets exposed to extreme high temperatures with Interpon HT. Whether it’s a vehicle’s exhaust system, a wood-burning stove, or a barbeque, certain applications demand accommodation for extreme heat—and Interpon HT is engineered for precisely these challenges. Our powder coatings can withstand temperatures between 200ºC (392ºF) and 550ºC (1022ºF), ensuring assets remain safeguarded without any loss of color stability. They stay fully resistant to delamination, corrosion, and cracking, even under the most rigorous conditions. Developed by our experienced team, the Interpon HT range is designed to protect and enhance the appearance of metal surfaces exposed to high temperatures, making them a trusted choice for those seeking durable, heat-resistant powder coat options that not only perform but also maintain their aesthetic appeal under extreme conditions.

Products in this range

Interpon HT 350 is designed for severe thermal exposure, enduring temperatures of 200°C for 24 hours and 250°C for 1 hour with remarkable resilience. This coating doesn't crack or detach, ensuring exceptional gloss stability and outstanding yellowing resistance even after heat exposure. It maintains strong adhesion properties consistently. Beyond its robust performance, its color options range from black and grey to metallic and white, all rendered in a fine texture finish. Especially suited for areas demanding both durability and aesthetics, Interpon HT 350 shines as a preferred choice for boilers, stoves, fireplaces, and BBQs. 

Engineered for superior thermal stability, Interpon HT 450 endures temperatures of 300°C for 24 hours and 450°C for 1 hour. Despite these extreme conditions, this coating neither cracks nor detaches, maintaining its excellent adhesion properties. This consistency in performance is paired with good outdoor resistance, ensuring both longevity and sustained aesthetic appeal. Beyond its robust features, Interpon HT 450 offers visually striking colors including a sleek black and grey metallic shades, offering a refined, fine-textured finish. It's an optimal choice for exhaust pipes, stoves, chimney flues, and BBQs. 

Designed to withstand severe thermal conditions, Interpon HT 550 can endure 400°C for 24 hours and 600°C for 1 hour. While a loss of color and gloss may occur at these extreme temperatures, this coating ensures no cracking or film detachment, retaining its robust adhesion properties. The coating is available in a sleek black and grey metallic finish with a fine texture. Providing corrosion protection before and after heat exposure and good outdoor resistance, Interpon HT 550 is ideal for mufflers, chimney flues, and both the exterior and interior components of stoves.

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