Factory Maintenance

Is your Factory Floor Looking Tired?

Cromadex offer many solutions for maintaining the look of your factory or warehouse. If you are looking for a decorative finish for your machines and floors, why not consider our one and two pack maintenance finishes.

One Pack Finish

Based on a unique resin formulation to give outstanding durability, our one pack finishes are available in over 5000 colors or specially matched to your requirements. Suitable for both machines and floors, available in solvent and waterbased, it can be brushed, sprayed or rollered on according to your preferred method.

Two Pack Epoxy Finish

An epoxy finish offering excellent resistance to many chemicals and is suitable for both machines and floors. It contains no isocyanate making it a safer option for use in a factory environment. It can be brushed, sprayed or rollered on and is available in the same color options as the one pack finish.

Looking for a greater level of protection?

Our range of International Protective Coatings can provide you with a solution for harsher environments.

Cromadex also offers a wide range of primers and thinners to suit your particular requirements.

Walk all over us, we dare you!

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