Interpon W - powder on wood, without limits

No more limits. It’s time to think bigger. No more constrictions on the things you can design, create and produce. No more wasted time and energy. That’s why we’ve crafted Interpon W, our innovative powder on wood coatings, giving you the absolute freedom to build beautiful, premium finished products, fast.​

How does Interpon W powder on wood work?

Interpon W is optimized for heat-sensitivity, making it the ideal partner for wood. Coat a wide range of surfaces in under 30 minutes, from automated electrostatic spraying to infrared curing – meaning less reworking, less sanding, and endless color and finish tweaking. Not to mention, less than 10% waste.

Your partners for change

Our innovative powder on wood coatings are all backed by AkzoNobel’s first-class global support.

We’ll empower you to excel, working together side by side, guiding your operations into the future, 24/7, anywhere in the world. Enjoy instant access to our local R&D centers, financial support, and the latest coating technology.

AkzoNobel innovations fuel the world’s leading manufacturers, as part of our global commercial partnership network. Our proven track record speaks for itself, supporting the industry’s leading designers and producers with easy implementation and customized solutions, helping you de-risk and simplify your transition to the power of powder on wood finishes.

For more information contact AkzoNobel's powder on wood manager via mail or visit.