Interpon’s new Flat Matt steps into the light

For designers and manufacturers in Thailand, creating surfaces with ultra matt finishes that bring a glint of brilliance and luminescence to their architectural creations just got easier following the launch of Interpon D2525 Flat Matt from AkzoNobel, a global leader in innovative, sustainable, and durable powder coatings.
The new coating delivers a finer mica effect that enables an ultra matt surface to change appearance depending on the way light reflects on it, giving architects a finish that not only looks amazing, but also offers stunning levels of superdurability.
Şirvan Canıtez, Commercial Director South Asia at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, says matt finishes are an architect’s dream: “All shades within the new range provide an astonishing non-reflective surface never seen before with an Interpon powder coating. Thanks to the metallic travel, light is capable of dancing across the surface while keeping its ultra matt appearance.”
AkzoNobel has a proven track record of innovating to meet the architectural sector’s ambitions with on-trend colors and finishes and Interpon D2525 Flat Matt is no exception: “We always stay true to our mission of creating the best products on the market from both a durability and sustainability perspective to support the design of Green Buildings,” Şirvan adds.
Thanks to its commitment to innovation, AkzoNobel is redefining how powder coatings contribute to the aesthetics of a building with new finishes and textures that enable architects to create truly amazing designs that stand the test of time. Interpon D2525 Flat Matt comes with a 25-year warranty (when applied by an approved Interpon D applicator) and conforms to the AAMA2604 industrial standard.
With no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Interpon powder coatings are more sustainable than coating alternatives. Customers are also making the switch because they generate significantly less waste compared to other solutions and any overspray can be easily recovered and reused. Interpon powder coatings offer the architectural sector a means of creating lasting legacies with less impact on our environment.
The Interpon Flat Matt is available for customers in Thailand from June 30 2023.