Interpon Extra (Interpon AF, Interpon AC, Interpon XTR)

Interpon Extra is a customer focused program aimed at improving the performance of the powder coating process using Particle Management Technology (PMT). It is a unique service to powder finishers which can deliver one or more of a whole range of benefits including cost reduction and quality improvement.

Interpon Extra

The program package can include...

• Customer needs audit
• Plant audit
• Product selection
• Benchmarking
• Trials
• After Sales Support

PMT delivers application process improvements:

Particle Management Technology (PMT) is a patented technology developed in-house by AkzoNobel Powder Coating scientists. It delivers application process improvements to our customers with substantial applied cost and quality benefits. By influencing the fundamental behavior of charged particles, PMT brings about improved control of the powder coating process. The Interpon Extra package employs three broad product classes which utilize PMT.

Interpon Extra Standard

Interpon Extra PMT

Interpon XTR - the ultimate for thin film coatings

A powder capable of application at thin films down to 30 microns. Without PMT such powders are difficult to fluidize, will surge and spit when pumped through tubes and the deposition is uneven across the part, leading to uneven color distribution. Interpon XTR fluidizes and applies like a conventional powder coating and can consistently achieve 30 micron film thicknesses across large relatively simple shaped parts.

Interpon AF - exceptional fluidity and evenness of charging

Film thicknesses are more akin to those obtained with conventional powder coatings, but the application of PMT means that effects like ‘window framing’ are substantially reduced. This can allow lower applied costs and reduce color variation across parts.

Interpon AC - for those difficult recesses

Designed to apply well to objects presenting the Faraday Cage problem. Interpon AC manipulates charge distribution to introduce particles that preferentially deposit in recessed areas, leading to lower film build on the easy-to-coat areas while obtaining sufficient coating in the Faraday Cage areas.

Interpon Extra can solve common coating problems, improve quality and reduce costs.

•             Productivity enhancements
•             Quality benefits
•             Application benefits
•             Recycling/Reclaim

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