Valves and Fittings

Resicoat R4 for drinking water, waste water, gas and fire

Valves, fittings and accessories are important instruments in our life to regulate and control the flow of liquids (drinking water and waste water), gas and fire in modern distribution networks.
The Resicoat R4 series provides a range of epoxy powders for these applications with worldwide drinking water approvals and an approval for gas and biogas application.
The highest standards are required for anti-corrosion protection of earth-laid castings. They must be resistant under a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions. Our Resicoat R4 series provides a completely sealed surface, free of any porous areas. The protective coating prevents both corrosion itself and the formation of corrosion products which, when transported along the water pipeline, can lead to disruption at other points. The smooth surface reduces friction between the transported medium and the fitting. Encrustation by salts or organic materials is prevented. The positive results are a long working life for the casting and the saving of pump energy.

Drinking Water

Rescioat R4 for Drinking Water 
Resicoat has a long established reputation as a quality focused supplier to the cast iron, valves and fittings used in the water industry. We have continuously worked with our customers along with institutes and government departments to ensure the highest quality fusion bonded epoxy is available to the market. Our aim is to provide our customers with hygienic and long life coatings which meet the requirements for the water industry worldwide.
Resicoat R4 meets the requirements of DIN 30677 and DIN 3476 and has several drinking water approvals such as:
UBA-Guideline, Germany ACS, France WRAS, United Kingdom KIWA, Netherlands Belgaqua, Belgium NSF 61, USA AS/NZS 4020:2005

In addition to local drinking water approvals Resicoat R4 has been tested to it meets national standards such as the water industry specification for polymeric anti-corrosion (barrier) coatings WIS No.4-52-01 in the United Kingdom.
This is a standard prepared by the WRc plc under the direction of the sewers and water mains committee. It is used by the industry for the selection of polymeric anti-corrosion coatings for the protection of metallic fittings, pipework and structures.
The specification includes a wide range of performance requirements such as adhesion, cure, flexibility, impact, wear, water immersion, domestic effluent, salt spray, Cathodic disbondment and weathering.
This demonstrates a coating is able to perform in a range of environments from the point of manufacture through its storage, transport, installation and in-service use.
In addition to this requirement a Resicoat R4 product has been listed by the UK Government department DEFRA for its DWI Regulation 31, as a recognised factory applied epoxy resin suitable for use in coating pipes. This is part of their approval process for products for use with drinking water and includes the use of analytical leaching tests to measure concentration of any materials that may contaminate the drinking water. In addition the BS 6920 for taste and odour specification must be met on parts coated in production, in triplicate from three different manufactured batches of the FBE. This work must be performed at the company who will perform the coating work, to ensure the process is able to achieve the quality required.
This level of testing is typical across Europe with the attention not only on the FBE coatings corrosion performance but also to the effect it will have on drinking water, when in direct contact with it. As the purity of the water for human consumption is the highest priority for the companies involved in the supply chain of manufacture and management of the mains distribution systems. Then the control of the products used in the industry must also be of the utmost importance.
In addition to these regulations further testing is performed on the growth of microorganisms on materials intended for use in drinking water. In particular the Resicoat R4 technology has been tested in Germany by the Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets for examination and assessment following the regulations of the DVGW (German Association of Gas and Water), technical rules, method W 270. The test is targeted at determining any signs of bactericidal or fungicidal properties of the FBE coated surface. The Resicoat R4 technology has been tested to and meets the requirements of this specification with documentation available.


Resicoat R4 for Fire Protection Systems
The Resicoat R4 series also provides grades in RAL 3000 for the coating of valves used in fire protection systems.

The powders are available for electrostatic spraying and fluidized bed application.

Above ground hydrants must be protected against sunlight by overcoating the epoxy coating with a polyester.


Resicoat R4 for Gas 
The Resicoat R4 range offers grades (both electrostatic spraying and fluidized bed) in RAL 1023 for the coating of valves and accessories which are used for gas supply systems.
The powers are tested by DVGW to the resistance with gas according to G 260.

Waste Water

Resicoat R4 for Waste Water
The Resicoat R4 series comprises several epoxy powder coatings for waste water applications. The municipal waste water e. g. is a mixture of waste water from homes, businesses, industrial areas and comprises contaminants and concentrations.

Resicoat R4 powders for waste water is resistant to different concentrations and is available for spraying application and fluidized bed.

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