Textured finish surface

Interpon D Structura Range

Quality, durability and style in a textured finish

With its refined, textured finish, and extensive range of RAL colors, it is no surprise that the Structura range of Interpon D powder coatings has become the first choice for architects who want style and performance for the buildings they imagine. Offering a wide choice of RAL colors from the Ready To Ship (RTS) range, architects can be assured that their creations are always on-trend, while the textured finish gives aluminum and steel surfaces an intriguing sense of quality and depth, with significantly higher gloss retention, resistance to color change and weatherability. The Interpon D Structura range is designed to be superdurable, with excellent levels of weatherability to withstand challenging climates and enable buildings – and your reputation – to stand the test of time. Its textured finish makes it more scratch resistant while it covers small defects on the substrate. The superdurability also makes Interpon D Structura range more sustainable, with a reduced cleaning cycle, so that less water and fewer chemicals are needed to keep surfaces looking fabulous all year-round. 


Leading benefits


  • Durability - Withstands challenging climates, ensuring your buildings and reputation endure for generations to come. 
  • Variety in RAL color options – Offers a large number of RAL colors to match any architectural imagination. 
  • High gloss retention - Offers significant resistance to color change and a high level of gloss retention, keeping surfaces vibrant. 
  • Sustainable option - Choosing a powder coating means that it‘s free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and you can use any overspray, making it kinder to the environment. 


Available in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and North America.

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