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Interpon Redox Range

Top level corrosion protection

The Interpon Redox range is your go-to solution for effective and durable corrosion protection. This selection of powder coatings is designed to perform exceptionally on a variety of surfaces and is formulated to withstand up to C5 corrosion environments. Within this range, each product is engineered to meet specific protective needs. From basic to advanced protection, these coatings are formulated to resist corrosion and extend the life of your surfaces, making them ideal for construction, automotive, and other industrial applications. Our unique system finder guides you to the right solution, simplifying the process of achieving dependable and long-lasting protection.

Products in this range

Interpon Redox Plus is a versatile powder primer uniquely suited to the widest range of substrates, whether they have undergone chemical or mechanical pre-treatment. Designed for optimal performance, it delivers elevated protection against corrosion and rust, meeting the demanding standards up to level C5. This primer doesn't just protect; it also enhances, with an easy-to-apply formula that ensures a smooth, uniform finish. Whether you're working with porous or non-porous substrates, Interpon Redox Plus stands as a steadfast solution for enduring and quality results. 

Interpon Redox Active is a robust primer designed for durability and ease of application. With its wide curing window, this primer accommodates various application conditions, making it a convenient choice for professionals. It stands out for its excellent edge coverage, which is essential in ensuring comprehensive protection against corrosion. Formulated with anticorrosive pigments, Interpon Redox Active delivers reliable protection for up to seven years (Level C5). This product is compatible with a wide range of topcoats and is available in an extensive palette of colors, meeting a diverse array of project requirements. 

Interpon Redox PZ is a high-performance powder primer designed specifically for blasted steel surfaces. It combines a barrier effect primer with long-lasting cathodic protection, delivering a cost-effective solution for products that are either submerged or above ground. This primer is ideal for harsh environments or areas where components may be subject to mechanical damage. Uniquely formulated with a blend of zincs, Interpon Redox PZ ensures the highest level of conductivity, creating cathodic cells that rigorously protect the metal substrate from corrosion. 

For porous materials susceptible to out-gassing, discover the transformative potential of Interpon Redox APA. Designed for a wide variety of substrates—from galvanized steel to zamak, cast iron to aluminum brass—this primer is engineered to significantly reduce the bubbling effect and deliver an improved finish. Its simple application process ensures excellent edge coverage, and its formulation is optimized for good adhesion with topcoats. Offering more than just corrosion resistance, Interpon Redox APA provides stylish and enduring protection for porous materials. 


Available in EMEA and South Asia.

For superior defense in the harshest environments, turn to Interpon Redox Triplex. This extremely protective three-layer system pairs the zinc-rich primer Interpon Redox PZ with the barrier-protective primer Interpon Redox Plus, and is completed with your choice of Interpon topcoat. Offering both cathodic and enhanced barrier protection, this comprehensive system is expertly designed for exceptional durability in aggressive environments up to C5. Interpon Redox Triplex is the solution for projects demanding the highest level of corrosion resistance. 


Available in EMEA, South Asia, and North Asia.

For corrosion protection in a single coat, choose Interpon Redox One Coat. This game-changing product eliminates the need for a separate primer and topcoat. Traditionally, coatings required a primer layer for adhesion and corrosion protection, followed by a topcoat for gloss and UV protection. Interpon Redox One Coat defies this norm by enabling you to deliver corrosion protection up to C4 in one single coat. When combined with a base chemical pre-treatment, like iron phosphate, it provides good levels of corrosion protection and UV durability for outdoor applications, available in a comprehensive range of colors. 


Available in EMEA.

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