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Meet the Interpon A powder coatings range with proven performance and track record for the automotive industry. Recognized globally with an array of OEM approvals, our powder coatings aren’t just about protection; they enhance the aesthetics of every part of your vehicle, inside or out. Enjoy unparalleled chemical and corrosion protection for underhood components, brilliant high gloss and refined textures for exterior trims, and crystal-clear clarity for aluminum wheels. With Interpon A, you're getting the best in class, all wrapped in continuous innovation and our commitment to innovating sustainable products. No matter where you are, our consistent quality and global manufacturing reach ensure you're covered. With Interpon, excellence is a given, partnership is a promise.

Products in this range

Interpon A1000 powder coatings go beyond mere protection; they act as a proactive defense against potential damage from fuel, battery acids, and everyday wear. They ensure that chassis, powertrains, and a wide range of components remain resilient and robust. With the incorporation of AkzoNobel's proprietary particle management technology, these coatings also offer significant environmental benefits. From coil springs to brake systems, engine blocks to headlamp reflectors, when strong protection is required, Interpon A1000 stands ready to meet the challenge. This innovative approach makes it a first choice for those seeking high performance and enduring protection.

Interpon A2000 powder coatings are specially designed for car bodies and trim. Offering a range from shiny black to soft matt and metallic, they ensure your car turns heads. But it's not just about style; these coatings provide protection. They effectively resist harmful UV rays, maintaining a lasting finish. Inside the vehicle, they protect against wear and moisture, ensuring longevity. On the exterior, they safeguard against chemicals, scratches, and daily challenges. With Interpon A2000, both aesthetics and protection seamlessly come together, ensuring your car remains in prime condition.

Interpon A3000 is the ideal choice for those seeking a durable finish for their two- or three-wheelers; including motorbikes, mopeds, and tricycles. Tailored to meet OEM performance standards, it's perfect for components like fuel tanks, mirror rods, engine blocks, and more. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the coating offers enhanced durability and protection against corrosion, weathering, and damage from fuel, oil, and other chemicals, ensuring prolonged vehicle aesthetics. Additionally, the product boasts easy application, guaranteeing a consistently smooth flow and finish, making it an ideal choice for enhancing appearance while maintaining structural integrity.

Our OneWheel coating system is a perfect combination of style and protection for alloy wheels. It features Interpon A4000 powder primers and clearcoats, providing unmatched UV protection and resistance to daily wear, with AkzoNobel A7000 liquid basecoats that give high-quality colors and finishes. From dazzling metallic effects to elegant pearl finishes, OneWheel amplifies the visual appeal of your wheels. Beyond just aesthetics, it ensures the integrity and endurance of the alloys, meeting perfectly with OEM specifications. With OneWheel, your wheels get the best of both worlds: top-notch protection and show-stopping beauty.

Interpon A5000 powder coatings are tailored for trucks, trailers, and buses. They provide unmatched protection to chassis and body components against corrosion and chemical damage. Beyond resisting chipping and scratching, these coatings maintain flexibility to withstand seasonal changes. Featuring topcoats and primers that adhere to strict OEM standards, they ensure every component - from fuel tanks to loading systems - not only performs optimally but also shines in appearance. With Interpon A5000, heavy-duty vehicles both look sharp and stay tough against the elements.

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