Interpon Redox Active: robust primer system with wide curing window and excellent edge protection

Looking for a robust primer system with wide curing window and excellent edge? Interpon Redox Active is the answer.

Interpon Redox Active is a powder primer with active anticorrosive pigments that cause a passivation effect to protect the substrate. It has been formulated to offer the best adhesion for the topcoat – powder or liquid.
This versatile and zinc-free primer offers robust protection, even in case of varying coating thickness or curing schedules. It can be formulated in different colors to approach the color of the topcoat and be used as a holding primer for up to six weeks. Since it is easy to apply and offers excellent edge coverage, this system is especially suitable for complex objects.

Key benefits of Interpon Redox Active
  • Robust corrosion protection performance for steel
  • Known and appreciated for its ease of application on complex objects
  • Suitable for objects with varying levels of substrate thickness
  • Performs well across a variety of curing schedules
  • Provides excellent edge coverage
  • Designed for use with chemical and mechanical pre-treatment
  • Can be used as holding primer for up to 6 weeks
  • Available in a broad variety of colors
  • Compatible with a wide range of topcoats
  • VOC-free, solvent-free, and zinc-free
  • No carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic (CMR) substances


The right powder solution for every project

Interpon Redox Active primers come with over 20 years of proven corrosion protection track records across the globe. Examples include shutters, fencing, machinery, power transformers, street furniture, battery generators, fire equipment and sweepers.

Find the best Interpon Redox Active system for your product's environment.

Supporting Documents
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Interpon Redox Active TDS

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