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Wheel refurbishment

Products for wheels

Wheel systems

AkzoNobel is the leading supplier of coatings to the European OEM alloy wheel industry, providing powder and liquid coating solutions for the major wheel and car manufacturers.

Based on this expertise, we offer a complete range of products for the refurbishment of automotive wheels. The systems bring together products with proven track record offering both enhanced aesthetic appearance and protection in the most demanding conditions.

Some wheel products, including all liquid coatings, are currently not available to purchase online. Please contact our customer service, who would be happy to place an order for you.

Our Wheel Refurbishment offer consists of:

  • Specifically developed Interpon powder primers offering excellent protection
  • A wide range of metallic and color finishes in both liquid and powder from stock
  • “Water-clear” Interpon powder clearcoats for added protection
  • All products offered here are solvent free
System guide.png

1. Primers

Type Code Description Benefit
Powder EL113GF Primer Grey Smooth Flow High build
Powder FL002E Primer Grey Ultra Build Helps hide surface defects. Excellent flow properties
Powder EN600V Primer Black Optimum for Diamond cut
Powder EA029GF Primer White Good for light topcoat colors


2. Colors

Type Code Description Gloss Clearcoat required Primer available Metallic colour
Powder EW002E Chrome Gloss
Powder EW041D Bright Chrome Gloss
Powder M3000I Nickel Satin
Powder MW068E Gold Sparkle Gloss
Powder MW100F Gold Satin Satin
Powder EE005JR Fluorescent Yellow Gloss  
Powder FW655F Light Anthracite Gloss
Powder FW651F Dark Anthracite Gloss
Powder MW001F Aluminium Sparkle Gloss  
Powder MW109D Silver Satin Sparkle Satin  
Powder MW009E German Grey Gloss  
Powder YY217E Gold Matt Sparkle Matt  
Powder SA570E Bright White Gloss Gloss    
Powder YN000E Mirror Black Ultra High Gloss Gloss+    
Powder SN705JR Satin Deep Black 70% Satin    
Powder MN243E Super Matt Black Anti-Gassing 25% Matt    
Powder YN205GF Autobody German Black 15-20% Matt    
Powder OY800D Super Low Gloss Black Velvet Flow 2-6% Matt+    
Liquid IL3924 Silver Sparkle Matt
Liquid IL3925 Subaru Anthracite Matt
Liquid IL3926 AMG Anthracite Matt
Liquid IL3927 AMG Graphite Matt
Liquid IL3928 M3 Coarse Graphite Matt
Liquid IL3929 Mini Graphite Matt
Liquid IL3930 Ferric Grey Matt
Liquid IL3931 Q7 Metallic Grey Matt
Liquid IL3932 Mercedes Silver Matt
Liquid IL3933 Nissan Silver Matt
Liquid IL3934 Mercury Silver Matt
Liquid IL3935 Gold Matt
Liquid IL3398R Platinum Silver Matt

All liquid coatings are water based.


3. Clearcoats

Type Code Description Color Gloss
Powder MZ610D Clear Lacquer Clear Gloss
Powder YZ500D Ultra Clear Lacquer Clear Gloss
Powder CZ010GF* Acrylic Crystal Clear Lacquer Clear Gloss
Powder MW009I Sparkle Lacquer Sparkle Gloss
Powder OY653F Smoked Lacquer Smoked Gloss
Powder PZ800JR Clear Matt Lacquer Clear Matt
Powder MY653F Candy Blue Blue Gloss
Powder MZ000I Candy Red Red Gloss
Powder MZ622I Candy Gold Gold Gloss
Powder MZ024I Candy Purple Purple Gloss
Powder SZ636L Candy Pink Pink Gloss

* Acrylics require a dedicated application line.