Importance of Color

Color is important because we live in a visual world. 

Whether or not we are conscious of it - and often we’re not - color affects our mood, our choices, our opinions.

There are tens of thousands of colors available in the Interpon powder coatings range, offered in a range of finishes from high gloss to ultra matt, smooth to coarse texture, solid to metallic. 
We are experts in color and color matching, with hundreds of Interpon products directly available from stock for immediate shipment from our regional Ready to Ship (RTS) range. If you don’t see your preferred color there we can make custom colors to order, so you will always have an accurate match to your preference.

We have many experienced colorists and, using the most up to date color measurement and digital communication technology, we can assure the right color anywhere in the world.

Texture and gloss influence the appearance of a color and are therefore very important for the overall aesthetic result, which is why Interpon powder coatings offer a range of textures and gloss levels.  Color retention is warranted up to 30 years.

We review the latest colors, materials and design trends in architecture every four years to develop a new collection of Interpon D powder coatings known as Collection Futura. This extensive range of highly durable and sustainable colors and finishes offers products which are innovative, sustainable and always on trend. AkzoNobel was the first powder coatings producer to launch fine texture Sablé finishes, which have since become the standard in the powder coatings industry.