Our commitment to doing more with less

When people ask us what sustainability means to AkzoNobel, we tell them that our success depends on it.

We know only too well that our future hinges on our ability to do radically more while using less. More innovation, less traditional solutions; more renewable energy and materials, less fossil-based; more value chain focus, less introvert thinking. 

So we have adopted a strategy of radical efficiency which involves us working with customers and suppliers to open up infinite possibilities in a finite world. It’s our commitment to finding opportunities where there don’t appear to be any.

Powder coatings provide many sustainability benefits compared to other coatings:

  • Improved longevity
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced waste generation
  • Optimized application
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Reduced material usage
  • Some of our coatings are made of renewable raw materials
  • Environmentally friendly

Here are just a few examples;

High efficiency cure

Some specially designed powder coatings can be cured at lower oven temperatures making them suitable for a variety of substrates, leading to reduced energy usage/energy cost and lower carbon footprint. Interpon A for automotive components, and Interpon Low-E products used in general industry are all suitable for low cure. Interpon D1036 Textura is a hard-wearing fine-textured coating for exterior architecture and furniture which cures in 12 minutes at 170 degrees.

Bake less

Interpon Align provides a dual layer (primer and topcoat) application requiring single cure step: Primer curing oven (10 minutes at 200ºC) is eliminated.

More lumens for your watt

Interpon Reflex is an ultra-reflective powder coating which can increase the effective output of commercial lighting fixtures by up to 30%.

Fewer layers

Interpon A5000 mono-coat replaces traditional multi-coat liquid paint, increasing productivity and reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint by eliminating paint layers and a baking stage.

Thinner layers

Particle Management Technology is a unique application process with substantial applied cost and quality benefits: using less raw material as well as influencing the fundamental behavior of charged particles, therefore improving control of the powder application process.

Safer processes

Interpon Cr is a bright metallic powder coating without any toxic heavy metals such as chromium (VI). Compared to Chrome Plating Interpon Cr not only has a much cleaner environmental footprint but also reduces the number of preparation steps required. 

Easier to maintain

Interpon D2525 series has over 20 years of proven performance therefore requiring lower maintenance cycle maintenance. In normal non-hazardous environments it requires cleaning only once every 18 months, providing a significant differential over the 30 years+ lifespan of a building.


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