New Interpon Redox primers help US specifiers fight $3 trillion global corrosion challenge

AkzoNobel’s Powder Coatings business has launched a new range of Interpon Redox high-performance primers designed for steel, other metal products, and structures to help specifiers within the North American market to help tackle the $3 trillion corrosion challenge.

No matter how challenging the substrate or the environment, the new Interpon Redox portfolio is designed to offer the highest levels of corrosion protection, especially within coastal areas and regions with high humidity.

The portfolio comprises three innovative systems to address the needs of a variety of substrates, surfaces, and environments: Interpon Redox Active, which has a wide curing window and delivers excellent edge coverage; Interpon Redox Plus, offering durable protection for a wide variety of substrates and pre-treatment methods; and Interpon Redox PZ, a high performing powder primer specifically for protecting blasted steel from corrosion.

According to the Financial Times (2022), corrosion is estimated to cost the global economy $3 trillion a year due to damage to steel buildings and infrastructure. A report by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE 2013) suggests the direct cost of corrosion in the US construction industry alone is estimated to be $22.6 billion per year.

Alan Alex, North American Commercial Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, says that Interpon Redox is designed to bring simplicity and effectiveness to corrosion protection: “Selecting the right primer to deliver the appropriate level of corrosion can be a complex task, which is why we have a range of different systems with characteristics that address all the variables. This makes it much easier for customers to choose the right coating system for their needs.

The process of selecting the right system is influenced by numerous factors, such as the material used and the environment it is exposed to: “The Interpon Redox System Finder helps to simplify this often-complicated decision-making process and offers customers the best possible corrosion protection, in all conditions,” Alex continues.

“Interpon Redox is already the benchmark powder coating for corrosion protection and demonstrates our continued commitment to providing customers with superior quality products and best-in-class service and support.”

Although tough on corrosion, Interpon Redox powder coatings are gentler on the environment. They are free from solvents and create significantly less waste.

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