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Acrylic powder coatings are smooth, durable finishes which feature outstanding weatherability and good chemical, stain, and filiform corrosion resistance.

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Polyester TGIC

Polyester TGIC powder coatings are excellent for decorative and protective applications that require exterior durability.

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Polyurethane (polyester urethane) powder coatings provide outstanding thin-film appearance and weathering properties together with good all-around chemical properties.

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Epoxy powder coatings possess outstanding chemical and mechanical properties, making them an excellent choice for interior decorative or functional applications.

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Polyester TGIC-Free

Polyester TGIC-Free powder coatings offer identical performance to TGIC products but deliver additional improved health and sustainability benefits.

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Thermoset Silicone

Thermoset silicone powder coatings are designed for high temperature applications for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates up to 950 degrees F, depending upon product selected.

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Thermoplastic Nylon

Thermoplastic nylon powder coatings offer excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance and provide a durable option for smooth, low-friction surfaces.

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Epoxy-polyester hybrid powder coatings make an excellent choice for interior applications with outstanding mechanical properties and overbake resistance.

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