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Powder coating colors: Gold

Gold is a permanent fixture in our lives, and our Interpon gold powder coatings help designers bring a touch of flamboyance to their creations with durable coatings that also match their need for sustainability.


Why choose an Interpon gold powder coating?


The color of the gods was never going to be a passing fancy. It’s here to stay, and a favourite with those with a flair for the theatrical. It’s a color that immediately suggests wealth and luxury, divinity and power. It’s a color also that can lift the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Gold embodies success, and success starts with our gold powder coatings. Our gold range includes a broad canvas of colors and shades, with textures and finishes to match. Our gold powder coatings are also highly durable, to withstand the rigors of everyday life, and retain the integrity and magical qualities of your creations for longer. 

All of our gold powder coatings are free from VOCs. Any overspray created in the application process can be captured and reused, creating virtually zero waste, and supporting our mutual desire for a golden future. 


Where are gold powder coatings used?


Gold is always in demand because of its versatility. 

You’ll find our gold colored powder coatings protecting and enhancing designs in all walks of life, from statement furniture pieces and magnificent light installations to the smallest door handles and switches, and every point in-between. You’ll also find our gold powder coatings used in preference to less sustainable practices, as we all strive to reduce our carbon footprint and create a new golden age in which to live.


Experts in color and performance 


Our colors are not arrived at by chance. Our range of gold powder coatings are innovated from years of experience of our team of color experts at our dedicated Global Aesthetics Center. Their style and performance are the result of decades of ongoing trend research to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of contemporary design.


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