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In the fast-paced world of electric vehicles, you need coatings that can keep up. That's where our Resicoat EV product range comes in. Comprising an array of specialized products, our range is engineered for the unique challenges faced by electric vehicle and battery manufacturers. Whether it's battery cells, motors, or cooling systems, we provide coatings with top-notch electrical insulation and unmatched corrosion resistance. Choose Resicoat for solutions that aren't just about today but also for the road ahead.

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When it comes to outstanding cell-to-cell electrical insulation, Resicoat EVcell powder coatings lead the pack. Expertly formulated for the diverse battery designs of electric vehicles, they're especially adept at protecting intricate designs, be it cylindrical or prismatic cell surfaces. Beyond their high dielectric strength, they stand out with extraordinary adhesion qualities. And when things heat up, trust them to resist thermal shocks, ensuring your components stay protected and efficient.

When you need that extra layer of assurance for your battery pack or housing, look no further than Resicoat EVpack powder coatings. Designed with the complexities of electrical systems in mind, these coatings excel at insulating your batteries to keep overheating at bay. This contributes to enhanced safety and prolongs battery lifespan. But that's not all—Resicoat EVpack also acts as a tough protection against corrosion and damage from various chemicals and liquids. Be it petrol, oil, or hydraulic fluid, Resicoat EVpack has got it covered. Literally. 

When it comes to the intricate needs of cooling tube or plate applications, Resicoat EVcooling powder coatings are second to none. These coatings are engineered to deliver optimal thermal conductivity along with top-notch electrical insulation. These features work in harmony to keep your battery safe and functioning at peak performance. As an added layer of reliability, Resicoat EVcooling resists corrosion and has earned approvals in rigorous tests, including the UL 94 vertical burn test (V-0) and a UL 746B temperature index rating of 130°C (Class B). A durable, dependable choice for your EV cooling system.

Distributing electricity safely and efficiently within an electric vehicle is no small feat. That's where Resicoat EVbusbar powder coatings come into play. Tailored to cover busbars of various types—from silver-plated to plain copper—these coatings ensure reliable electrical distribution. Adhering to stringent industry standards, they conform to UL 1446 Class F, UL 94 (V-0), and UL 746B Class B. And if you're in the market for High Voltage (HV) solutions, we've got you covered with specialized solutions. Count on Resicoat EVbusbar for a smooth, safe electric current flow in your vehicle.

The Resicoat EVmotor epoxy powder coatings are designed specifically for the electrical insulation needs of hairpin stators. Not only do they offer robust resistance against heat, chemicals, and moisture, but they also stand as a protection against corrosion. When it comes to slot insulation, these coatings excel in providing the right edge coverage, flow, and gel time, ensuring the critical air gap is maintained to protect against any potential arcing or current breakthroughs. What's more, our distinct Resicoat EV grades proudly align with UL 1446 standards, recognized under both Class F and Class H. Your motors are in safe hands. 

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