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Understanding epoxy technology in powder coatings

When it comes to powder coatings, epoxy technology stands as a critical component. Fundamentally, epoxy in powder coatings is a type of resin used for its exceptional properties. It's recognized for its powerful chemical resistance, its ability to provide a smooth and appealing finish, and its excellent capabilities in safeguarding against corrosion. Epoxy-based powder coatings are largely used for interior applications and primers, as they lack UV resistance, which makes them unsuitable for exposure to sunlight. Let's delve deeper into this technology, its application, and the distinct advantages it brings to the table. 


Advantages of epoxy in powder coatings


Epoxy-based powder coatings offer several noteworthy benefits that make them an ideal choice for various applications, particularly for their functional properties. Here are some key advantages: 

  • Chemical Resistance: Epoxy coatings exhibit superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals, protecting surfaces from damage and ensuring longevity. 
  • Corrosion Protection: Thanks to their unique formulation, these coatings provide exceptional protection against corrosion, safeguarding metal substrates from rust. 
  • Quality Finish: Beyond their functional benefits, epoxy coatings also deliver a smooth finish, enhancing the aesthetic value of the coated item. 
  • Flexibility: Epoxy coatings have exceptional flexibility properties, making them particularly suitable for automotive parts that require high chip resistance. 
  • Interior Durability: While not suitable for applications with sun exposure due to UV sensitivity, epoxy coatings can be used for interior and underground applications, withstanding wear and tear effectively.


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Explore our line of products leveraging the strength of epoxy technology: 

  • Interpon 100: Experience exceptional corrosion protection and chemical resistance with Interpon 100, an epoxy-based powder coating. 
  • Resicoat Products: A versatile range of epoxy products, tailored to meet various industrial needs such as Electrical Insulation, Valves & Fittings or Pipes.  
  • Interpon Redox PZ: Zinc-rich epoxy primers that offer a blend of superior corrosion resistance and protective features.
  • Interpon Redox Plus: Our advanced Zinc-free primer solution for ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality finish. 
  • Automotive Products: A tailored range to meet OEMs specifications (Epoxy products from Interpon A1230, A1242, A1243) 
  • Interpon W100 and W1000: Ultra low bake epoxy coatings especially designed for heat sensitive substrates such as Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or other composite materials for interior applications.                                                         


At Interpon, we've mastered the science of powder coatings. With our deep knowledge, advanced products, and commitment to quality, we're here to help you navigate the world of powder coatings. Count on us for solutions that are both functional and aesthetic. Discover the Interpon difference today.

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