Grill coated silicone surface

Silicone Technology

Understanding silicone technology in powder coatings

Silicone technology in powder coatings is a fascinating study in the synergy between materials science and practical application. At Interpon, we leverage this technology to engineer coatings marked by their exceptional heat resistance. The power of silicone lies in its concentration within the coating formulation. With an increase in silicone content, we see a proportional increase in heat resistance. This direct correlation positions silicone as a potent ingredient in our high-performance coatings. 

But the magic doesn't stop there. These coatings offer their optimal heat resistance at an impressively low film thickness of just 40-50 microns.  

In terms of color, our silicone technology predominantly caters to darker shades, particularly black and grey.


Advantages of using silicone technology


Silicone technology in powder coatings brings a set of distinct advantages to the table. These include: 

  • Enhanced Heat Resistance: The unique attribute of silicone technology is its direct relationship between silicone concentration and heat resistance. A higher silicone content leads to greater heat resistance up to 550°C 
  • Optimal Performance at Low Film Thickness: To achieve the desired heat resistance, only a minimal film thickness of 40-50 microns is necessary. This avoids compromising the coating's mechanical properties. 
  • Ideal for Steel Substrates: The technology shows optimal results when applied to steel substrates.


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Take your application to the next level with our Interpon HT .

Engineered with our cutting-edge silicone technology, it's designed to deliver high heat resistance while maintaining the mechanical integrity of your coated objects. 

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