Yellow children playground coated with powder coating

Interpon makes sustainability and style child’s play! 

Interpon makes sustainability and style child’s play! 

When you are one of the world’s most innovative designers of playground equipment and urban furniture, quality is everything. And so too is performance, in the products you create, and in the efficiency and sustainability of the manufacturing and production process. Helping CEMER to achieve these goals are Interpon powder coatings from AkzoNobel. 

A family-owned business founded in Turkey in 1994, CEMER has earned a reputation for designing and creating equipment that is trusted by more than 5,000 customers the world over. Its products are present in some 75 countries and instantly recognizable for the color and quality of their cutting-edge designs. 

“Color is very important to us,” says Burak Eroglu, Chief Production Officer and second-generation family owner. 

“Our equipment is not just about the physical wellbeing of children but also about their mental wellbeing, and color plays an important part in a child’s psychological development. Our most popular color is blue (numerous studies show that blue is most often associated with freedom and imagination) but different age groups respond to different colors, and working with AkzoNobel means there is no limit to the colors and finishes available to us. Whatever our customers want, they can have.” 


Switching to powder 


CEMER began working with AkzoNobel in 2017, when it was looking to make the switch from hot dip galvanizing (HDG) to powder coatings within certain parts of its production process. As well as removing the need for HDG, AkzoNobel has also enabled CEMER to reduce its use of 316 Chrome stainless steel drastically with the help of Interpon Redox powder coating system. The system comprises primer and topcoat to deliver both the style and exceptional levels of corrosion protection that Burak was looking for. 

“To compete on an international stage, we have to be able to guarantee that our products will last and continue to perform, even in the most challenging environments,” he explains. “Working with AkzoNobel gives us the confidence we need to match market requirements and overcomes the challenges we previously experienced in the manufacturing process. It has helped us further improve the quality of our equipment significantly, with the durability of the powder coatings helping to protect color and film integrity for longer.” 

Busra Eroglu, Sales and Marketing Manager and similarly a family member, says that the global reputation of AkzoNobel is a tremendous support: “Our customers are very happy that we are working with AkzoNobel as they expect and appreciate the quality that working with a global brand brings, and the consistency in color and performance that it delivers,” she says. 

Also important to CEMER is the technical support the AkzoNobel team has been able to provide: “We had a number of issues within our manufacturing process,” Burak continues, “and thanks to AkzoNobel we have been able to resolve those issues and very much value their advice in how to make the most out of the powder coatings and colors we choose.” 


Importance of sustainability 


Sustainability is also a big part of CEMER’s current and future mission. It already uses renewable energy and sees the switch to powder coatings as supporting its journey towards net zero. Being free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), the powder coatings create no hazardous chemicals, and any over-sprayed powder can be reclaimed and re-used. 

“Switching to an Interpon powder coating is giving us the perfect combination of improved quality, protection and sustainability,” Burak adds, “and improving the efficiency of our coating line.” 

As a member of the World Design Organization, which seeks to improve the economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life through the discipline of industrial design, CEMER is very much committed to the concept of continual improvement. It reflects Interpon’s own commitment to ceaseless innovation, developing new products and features in partnership with CEMER to delight its customers worldwide. 

Whether it’s working with metal, wood or plastic, Burak and Busra recognize that to compete, they need to keep one step ahead of the curve: “It’s a very competitive industry,” Burak concludes, “but with the help of partners like AkzoNobel we can continue to grow our international business.” 

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