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Powder coating colors: Black

Black is back, though for others it never really went away! For designers who dare to be different, our experts will guide you through our range of sustainable and highly durable Interpon black powder coatings to help turn darkness into light. 


Why choose an Interpon black powder coating? 


Black is a color of mystery and intrigue, with the power to convey emotions of sombre reflection or elegant joy. It is a color of class, sophistication and style, favoured by the elite for the luxury it suggests. It’s a color that dominates when it wants to, and yet somehow also has the power to blend in, unnoticed, into the background. 

However, you see black, we see it, as an opportunity to feed your creative soul. Black is not a single color, but simply the start of a range of different shades, with textures and finishes to match. Our black powder coatings are also highly durable, to withstand the rigors of everyday life, and retain the integrity of your creations for longer. 

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously. All of our black powder coatings are free from VOCs, and any overspray created in the application process can be captured and reused, creating virtually zero waste. 


Where are black powder coatings used?


Black is one of the most popular colors in our Interpon range, because it is so adaptable.  

Whether matt or gloss, you’ll find our black powder coatings protecting and enhancing everywhere you look - on buildings, on cars, and industrial equipment. You’ll see black in the sound systems and electrical devices you use every day, on the chairs on which you sit and the lights to illuminate your room at night. It’s all around us, seen and unseen, daring and different.


Experts in color and performance 


Our colors are not arrived at by chance. Our range of black powder coatings are innovated from years of experience of our team of color experts at our dedicated Global Aesthetics Center. Their style and performance are the result of decades of ongoing trend research to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of contemporary design. 


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