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Interpon’s collection of metallic-effect powder coatings along with our expert advice helps architects and designers imagine and create products that give the outward appearance of different metals and metal finishes but with a minimal environmental impact and maximum durability. 


Why choose metallic powder coating?


Metal colors and metallic effect powder coatings invoke an immediate sense of modernism and give buildings and designs a subtle or even dramatic sense of quality and style.  

Colors such as copper or brass can be used to create a feeling of warmth and security, and a beautiful glow; silver and iron, on the other hand, perhaps create a cooler vibe, shimmering and understated. They can give a base aluminium surface the appearance of a precious metal, or add sparkle, to create a sense of intrigue, and bring a surface to life. 


Where are metallic powder coatings used


Designers seek metallic effect powder coatings not only for their aesthetic qualities; they are also more sustainable, protecting precious natural resources and replacing the need for less sustainable alternatives such as anodising or chrome plating. As a powder coating they are also free of VOCs, and any overspray can be captured and reused.  

They are also easy to apply and highly durable, delivering a lasting finish to keep surfaces looking better for longer. Interpon metallic powder coatings are everywhere you look in modern design: on buildings, both inside and out to satisfy an architect’s imagination; on furniture and lighting to match a designer’s sense of quality and style; and on vehicles to support a manufacturer’s brand reputation.  

Whether to create a sense of drama, or a feeling of calm, Interpon has the metallic powder coatings range to deliver excellent results every time. 

Interpon’s powder coatings include a full range of colors to mimic and reflect a metal surface including copper, steel, nickel, silver, gold and iron, and all available in different durabilities, textures and finishes. We can also develop bespoke coatings and shades to match a customer’s requirements.


Experts in color and performance 


Our colors are not arrived at by chance. Our range of metallic powder coatings are innovated from years of experience of our team of color experts at our dedicated Global Aesthetics Center. Their style and performance are the result of decades of ongoing trend research to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of contemporary design. 


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