Coated steel rebars

Resicoat RB Series

Reinforced steel

Resicoat RB provides exceptional anti-corrosive properties to reinforced steel for the ultimate in building safety. 

Powder coated steel provides the strength our buildings rely upon, but it needs to be fully protected from the elements that threaten its performance. That’s where we come in. Resicoat's RB epoxy steel powder coatings range has the highest levels of corrosion resistance to protect reinforced steel against salt, acid, and atmospheric substances to deliver maximum building safety. 

For total building safety and peace of mind, choose Resicoat.

Resicoat’s RB epoxy powder coatings range delivers excellent protection to bridges, tunnels, carparks, and other concrete constructions. 

Whether caused by salinity or atmospheric acids, corrosion to reinforced steel can create significant dangers in the built environment. With protection against aggressive chemicals such as CaCl2, NaOH, Ca(OH)2 and H2O , as well as superior flexibility and low maintenance, the Resicoat RB range is enhancing the safety and performance of steel structures around the world.

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