New range of Interpon coatings simplifies corrosion protection

Corrosion protection just got easier following the launch of a range of high-performance primers from AkzoNobel's Powder Coatings business.
The company's new Interpon Redox range offers customers a one-stop-shop that provides the simplest route to maximum corrosion protection. Four innovative systems were developed to cover a variety of substrates, surfaces, and environments – from swimming pools to chemical plants and high humidity to highly corrosive areas.

The portfolio consists of:  

  • Interpon Redox Active is a robust primer system with a wide curing window and excellent edge protection.
  • Interpon Redox Plus offers durable protection for a wide variety of substrates and pre-treatment methods.
  • Interpon Redox PZ is a high performing powder primer for corrosion protection over blasted steel.
  • Interpon Redox Three-layer is an extremely protective three-layer system for highly corrosive environments.
"Interpon Redox is all about bringing simplicity to corrosion protection," explains Daniela Vlad, Managing Director of AkzoNobel's Powder Coatings business. "Selecting the right primer for the right level of corrosion can be a lot more complex than people may think. So, our Interpon Redox systems have been developed with characteristics that address all the variables, making it much easier for customers to pick the perfect coating system."
Long-term performance is paramount for specifiers, who rely on finding the right corrosion protection system for their steel products. However, the process of selecting the right system is influenced by numerous factors, such as the material used and the environment it's exposed to. Interpon Redox helps to simplify this often-complicated decision-making process and offers customers the best possible corrosion protection, in all conditions.
"We take great pride in making sure that our customers have absolute confidence in the superior quality of our products and the best-in-class service and support we provide," continues Vlad. "Interpon Redox is the latest example of our long-standing insight into customer needs and industry trends and highlights why we're widely regarded as being the reference in powder coatings."
Powder coatings offer inherent sustainability benefits, such as no VOCs, reduced energy use, and less waste. The new Interpon Redox range is suitable for everything from bus shelters, elevators and security gates, to wind turbines, metal fences, and agricultural equipment.
Already available in Europe, Interpon Redox will be launched in Asia and North America next year.

For full details including compatible topcoats, visit Interpon Redox.