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Powder coating colors: Purple

For creative minds working with the most regal of royal colors, our experts will show you how Interpon‘s range of purple powder coatings can help bring your creative imagination to life and meet your goals for sustainability and durability. 


Why choose an Interpon purple powder coating?


Purple is a color most often associated with royalty and power, but it also reflects creativity, spirituality and the feminine touch. Indeed, there are many reasons for using purple – from symbolising wealth and extravagance to promoting magic, peace and pride. 

Whatever your creative inspiration, we have a range of colors throughout the purple spectrum to satisfy the most imaginative of creative minds. And we have colors and shades in a range of different textures and finishes, from matts to high gloss, with a durability to help your assets to blend in or stand out for longer.  

As with every color in our collection, an Interpon purple powder coating is free from VOCs, making it more sustainable. It is also very easy to apply and any of the overspray can be captured and reused which means you use virtually 100% of what you buy. 


Where are purple powder coatings used?


You’d be surprised how often purple, or a shade of purple such as mauve or violet, is chosen as an accent color to make a bold statement, or to create a sense of beauty and calm. This is especially true for the inside of buildings, or for designer furniture and lighting to create a majestic centrepiece fit for a King or Queen to enjoy! 


Experts in color and performance 


Our colors are not arrived at by chance. Our range of purple powder coatings are innovated from years of experience of our team of color experts at our dedicated Global Aesthetics Center. Their style and performance are the result of decades of ongoing trend research to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of contemporary design. 


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Purple tile

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